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 My middle name should be frustration.  Hair elastics down the tub drain causing clogs that require cutting sheetrock to reach the pipes.  DAILY toilet or sink stoppage.  Seriously, when is the 4 year old going to learn the proper amount of toilet paper?  We have retrieved duplo men, tiny plastic toy kitchen bowls, and spiderman from the twists and turns in the toilet.  When the toilet is clogged, we take bets about what is stopping it up.  Often, the toilet has to be pulled, taken outside and turned upside down to get it out.  The duplo man wouldn't come out, even with baby oil.  But we had to know who won the bet, so we broke the toilet just to find out.  Then we went and bought super flusher ToTo toilets.  The four year old is not daunted, he can still stop it up every day.


So, for those other big families, or those with fewer children who love to flush, here is how to unstop a potty:


Grab a plunger.  You will want to try to get a seal over the toilet inlet, and accurately plunge away.  Wait a minute or so in-between attempts to allow the "stuff" to move down the line.


If that doesn't work, you can try an auger.  It is a flexible tube that can be fed into the toilet and push out whatever is in the way.  


If you need a plumber to clean your drain line, or rescue spiderman from the depths of the potty, just call Morgan Leak Detection.  We are great at clearing drain lines because our children have given us so much practice.  We have the "big gun" drain cleaning equipment, and we can even clean out roots and grease.  


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"I called Morgan Leak Detection for a leak under my foundation. Cliff found my leak quickly, fixed it, and didn't leave a mess for me to clean up. I really appreciate his service."
Nancy M.

"I am grateful for you wonderful company. As a senior citizen, it is difficult to find someone who doesn't take advantage of my situation. Morgan Leak Detection sent out a respectful, honest, and courteous plumber. The rate was reasonable, and the work was exemplary. I will use your company again, and I will tell my friends to call you too."
Gilbert Mallory


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