We have been experiencing record breaking drought conditions in Fort Worth and Dallas.  This can result in a record number of water leaks for homeowners as the drought conditions can cause slabs to crack.


How can you tell if you may have a slab leak?

Here are some things to monitor the house for possible water leaks:

1.  When your toilet is flushing and no one is near the toilet.  Don't worry, you don't have an invisible person living with you, it is just a water leak.


2. Water is leaking into your toilet when water is moving from the tank to the bowl and no one is flushing it.


3.Another method of detecting a water leak in the toilet is to add food coloring into the tank.  if you see color in the bowl after a few minutes then you have a leak.  Morgan Leak Detection can help you fix it.


4.  Since most water pipes are located inside of walls and floors, those are more difficult to spot.  If you notice that your carpet or walls or ceiling have a discolored spot, then you may have a leak.  You may also have a messy toddler, or a new puppy, but if you have neither or those, then you probably have a leak.


5.If you notice unusual wet patches in your yard or flower bed, then you may have a leak.


6.  You should also monitor your water bill.  If you have an unusually high bill with normal water usage, then you can call Morgan Leak Detection to test your house for possible leaks.


Water leaks only worsen with time.  It is best to get it checked out right away before more damage is done.  Early detection and repair will save you money and prevent damage to your house.

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"I called Morgan Leak Detection for a leak under my foundation. Cliff found my leak quickly, fixed it, and didn't leave a mess for me to clean up. I really appreciate his service."
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"I am grateful for you wonderful company. As a senior citizen, it is difficult to find someone who doesn't take advantage of my situation. Morgan Leak Detection sent out a respectful, honest, and courteous plumber. The rate was reasonable, and the work was exemplary. I will use your company again, and I will tell my friends to call you too."
Gilbert Mallory


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