We all need to do our part to conserve water.  Especially in the Summer in Fort Worth Texas, where rain is rare.  Here are some tips to help your water bill:

1. Make sure you don't have any leaks in your pipes or worn out faucet washers.  A small drip can waste 20 gallons a day, and a larger leak can waste hundreds.


2. Check your water meter.  Read the meter before you leave the house for a few hours.  When you come home check it again.  If the meter does not read the exact same, there is a leak.


3.  Insulate your water pipes with pre slit foam pipe insulation.  You'll get hot water faster, and avoid wasting water while it heats up.


4.  Buy an adjustable toilet flapper that allows for adjustment of per flush use.


5. Install water saving shower heads.  Long hot showers can use 5-10 gallons every unneeded minute. A low flow shower head will use about 2.5 gallons per minute.  


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"I called Morgan Leak Detection for a leak under my foundation. Cliff found my leak quickly, fixed it, and didn't leave a mess for me to clean up. I really appreciate his service."
Nancy M.

"I am grateful for you wonderful company. As a senior citizen, it is difficult to find someone who doesn't take advantage of my situation. Morgan Leak Detection sent out a respectful, honest, and courteous plumber. The rate was reasonable, and the work was exemplary. I will use your company again, and I will tell my friends to call you too."
Gilbert Mallory


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